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Mercedes Benz V8 M156 AMG - GS6-53DZ HGU 184mm 2-disc

PMC Motorsport


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Article no.: PMC-TILTON-66-312,-K0HGU-TP-M156,-F0M57-M156

Race stage 2 PMC adapter kit (adaptor kit / set / adaption system / swap kit / conversion set / manual conversion) for Mercedes Benz V8 M156 AMG engine series with BMW M57N M57N2 ZF GS6-53DZ HGU HGK/ BMW N54 GS6-53BZ manual gearbox
Adapter kit enables users connection of Mercedes Benz V8 M156 AMG engine series with very durable and easy to buy BMW gearbox. It is an ideal solution for motorsport as well as for people who want to change (convert) automatic gearbox (transmission) to manual.

 Advantages of PMC sets:

The kit warranties ideal alignment of engine and gearbox (0,01mm)
Lightweight aluminum custom flywheel includes replaceable iron cast friction surface
Each flywheel is carefully checked and precisely balanced before shipping
Original automatic transmission ring gear (flexplate) for Mercedes Benz V8 M156 AMG OEM 2730300312 is required to install PMC custom flywheel. The original Mercedes Benz M156 started is used with the kit in the same position.

Set includes: 

aluminum gearbox adapter plate
custom flywheel
necessary assembly screws
Tilton OT-II Cerametallic Pressure Plate 7,25" 66-312HGG Triple disc
Tilton sintered disc 184mm 7,25" 32,5x35-26N (2disc)
The Engine list

Mercedes Benz V8 M156 AMG
The Gearbox List

BMW M57N M57N2 23.00 7565213 GS6-53DZ HGU (THGU) 1067 010 014 ZF 1067 401 116 1067401116 BMW OEM 23 00 7 571 420 / 23 00 7 560 725 BMW E90 325D 330D E90N 325D M57N2 E91 325D 330D E91N 325 M57N2 E92/e93 325D 330D M57N2
BMW M57N M57N2 23.00 753 9000 GS6-53DZ HGK (THGK) 1067 010 004 ZF 1067 401 116 1067401116
BMW N54 23.00 7565215 GS6-53BZ HGX (THGX) 1067 010 016 ZF 1067 401 127 1067401127 BMW OEM 23 00 7 571 423 / 23 00 7 567 242 BMW E60 535i E90 335i N54
BMW N54 23.00 7581859 GS6-53BZ JGK (TJGK) 1067 010 019 ZF 1067 401 127 1067401127 BMW OEM 23 00 7 581 860 BMW E82 135i N54 E88 135i N54 
Made in EU | ISO certificate | 30 Return Policy

* refundable option covers only unused product!
Mercedes Benz V8 M156 AMG
BMW M57N/M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGU E90 330D
, BMW M57N/M57N2 GS6-53DZ HGK E90 330D
, BMW N54 ZF GS6-53BZ (S6-53) 335i 135i 535i
Max torque:
900Nm / 663,58 lb/ft
Adapter Kit Type:
Flywheel Type:
Ultralight Race 184mm / 7,25"
Clutch Set:
Tilton OT-II Cerametallic Pressure Plate 7,25" 66-312HGG Twin disc
Product sales codes included:
, TILTON 66-312
, K0HGU-TP-M156
, F0M57-M156
Gearbox adapter thickness:
35mm / 1.37"
Spline Count:
Set with Clutch:


PMC Motorsport

PMC tillverkar adapterplattor och svänghjul för att kunna byta till en annan växellåda till sin befintliga motor. PMC har tillverkning, teknik och kvalité som är ledande inom detta området.

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